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Out with the old…

Last Saturday, Melev’s Reef had a viewing party.  Locals were invited to watch the transformation of the 400g which was desparately in need of a major clean-out.  Corals had grown into massive colonies, completely shading whatever was beneath. Flow was obstructed, and the prettiest view was really only from above. Daily I saw the dead supporting skeleton holding up the living section above, and it was hard to ‘like’ my reef in that condition.

I flew in Duane, a longtime buddy of mine who excels in resetting a reef tank. He knows what to get rid of, what to save as mini-colonies, and how to arrange it best for a beautiful reef once more. Being as attached as I was to my livestock — after all how often do you ever hear about me fragging corals? — it was best that he do this for me, because I’d end up saving every scrap of life to my detriment.

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3.5 years later

Today marks 3.5 years since the 400g reef and Anemone cube were started, the day the livestock was added to both tanks.  Everything is looking pretty good these days, albight overgrown. I’ve mentioned it a few times, I’m going to have to force myself to cut up some corals and create some empty space because the colonies are so huge now that they shade everything beneath… and those things die due to lack of light.

The best view is from above, but how often does anyone look at their reef from a walkboard or stepladder? We want to enjoy it from the easy chair, the sofa, or standing next to it.  I see lots of empty spaces where  things used to live; those areas are dead skeleton in deep shadows.

It’s still a pretty reef, but it needs some serious TLC.

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Day 1247: Three years, 5 months

If you follow my youtube channel, you’ve probably heard how I have to get my arms wet and really cull the 400g reef because the growth at the top is shadowing everything beneath, and those things beneath have little chance of living. I hate to have to rip out these big colonies, but there’s no choice. Here are a bunch of pictures of the tank today. I’ve also included some images of the Anemone Cube.

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The importance of hoarding

Two different medias in this picture

After making myself (literally) do all my water testing today on both systems, I’m quickly reminded why I prefer to only run one reef at a time. Those people that run multiple tanks or frag systems deserve heavy praise for being able to keep so many separate systems thriving. I noticed some bits of corals turning white in my reef, but I kept blaming it on shade rather than a water quality issue. Today, I ran through all the Elos test kits, twice since I have to measure the 400g reef as well as the 60g frag system.

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A difficult decision

I tend to overthink everything, and like to work systematically toward growth both for my business as well as the youtube audience I’ve acquired over the past couple of years. Some videos are easy to do, others are very involved both in the filming process as well as the editing portion. My goal is to be informative and still semi-entertaining so as not to bore people. We all lead busy lives, and don’t have the time to watch every last word / frame of a video, yet I actually worry about every last word and frame before I compile and upload it for the world to see.

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Website outages may occur

Just a heads up to everyone, there’s a lot going on. I had expected to get the newer version of the website done by now, but this project below took up all my time for the past couple of weeks. Melev’s Reef may be down briefly over the next week as some technical stuff is being handled behind the scenes.  

This is Minion, my new CNC router setup. The installation has been quite a process but it is nearing completion and should be running soon.

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